What makes EVO SEALERS different than other sealers?

Evo is different from other sealers because it is made from an environmentally safe polyester polymer and other proprietary ingredients that once in the concrete fills the pores and blocks moisture from coming through the matrix.

Other sealers are either silicones or derivatives such as silanes or siloxanes which are only surface sealants and therefore subject to wearing and weathering as well as cannot be coated or painted afterward. 
Sealants that contain silicates or siliconates tend to migrate out of the concrete or masonry substrate. The remaining sealers contain hydrocarbons which are solvent based surface sealers that are toxic and contain high levels of VOC (volatile organic compounds).

Evo is very different from other sealants because of its deep penetrating ability (50-100mm) as well as the fact that it is non flammable, non toxic and is extremely low in VOC's. 
Because Evo is a not a surface sealer it will not wear or weather away over time, instead it becomes part of the concrete matrix and actually increases its strength therefore protecting it from future spalling (flaking or deterioration of the concrete).

Evo dries clear with no sheen and will not discolor the surface in any way. Yet, it will provide a good chemical bond to any quality acrylic paint, urethane or epoxy coatings if the client desires an additional surface coating in order to change the color or provide a sheen. 

Evo also helps the surface paints last longer as it encapsulates the alkali inherent in concrete which attack surface coatings. Evo also reduces efflorescence and vapor emission from rising to the surface.