Testing Accreditation

We are serious about our quality standards

All Evo Products are non-flammable non-carcinogenic, biodegradable and non-hazardous to the environment.

ASTM International
ASTM C-31 Increase of Compressive Strength in concrete tested with Evo – Seal TM
ASTM C-672: Chloride Penetration Resistance - No Chloride Penetration at any depth
ASTM - 413: Water Absorption of Chemical Resistant Concrete/Mortar Surfaces. Test Results show concrete positively waterproofed, inhibiting corrosion

ASTM International

American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials
ASTM C-67: Section 10: Efflorescence
AASHTO-T259 - 89: Chloride Ion Penetration


BSI - British Standards
BS-1881: Part 122 : Method for determination of Water Absorption
BS-1881 - 122: 1983 : - Water absorption of concrete cylinders

British Standards

Standards Australia
AS 1012.21: - Standard test method for density and absorption. Shall not exceed 1.0% after 48 hours or 2.0% after 50 days.

Standards Australia

GHD Engineering
Negative Hydrostatic Pressure Test :- Passed 60 psi. no visible failure. Procedure for determination of Water Permeability of Concrete. GHD standard test method.

GHD Engineering