What is Efflorescence?

Efflorescence is a problematic substance for masonry surfaces. EVO–SALTAWAY and EVO–SEAL or EVO–BOCKSEAL should be used to rid surfaces of salt.


Over a period of time efflorescence begins to negatively affect the overall appearance of masonry/concrete and may cause the surfaces to become slippery when exposed to moisture. If left unchecked, this efflorescence will harden whereby the calcium/lime deposits begin to affect the integrity of the cementitous surface by slowly eroding away the cement paste and aggregate. In some cases it will also discolour stained or coated surfaces.
Efflorescence forms more quickly in areas that are exposed to excessive amounts of moisture such as near pool decks, spas, and fountains or where irrigation runoff is present. As a result, these affected regions become very slick when wet thereby causing a significant loss of “friction coefficient”. This can be of serious concern especially as a public safety issue to individuals, principals and property owners by exposing them to possible injury and increased general liability claims.


Our EVO–SALTAWAY effectively removes the calcium/lime build up without damaging the integrity of the surface it is cleaning unlike more harmful cleaners such as muriatic acid.
EVO–SALTAWAY is an environmentally safe, non toxic alternative that will not harm plants or animals and does not discharge any offensive odour, making it the ideal cleaner for application in public areas.
EVO–SALTAWAY should be applied by hand pump sprayer to the surface until foam begins to appear. The foam only appears when efflorescence is present. Wait five minutes, mechanically agitate and wash. Re-apply to areas where the foam appears and continue to reapply until the foam no longer occurs after application. One litre of Evo-Saltaway covers 5-7 square metres.


EVO-SEAL is a penetrating sealant (up to 100mm) that when applied to deep cleaned surfaces will significantly reduce water vapor transmission, fill the pores and voids and deter impurities from entering the concrete matrix. As the sealer fills the pores of the concrete/masonry it not only disallows water from being absorbed but also notably reduces the migration of efflorescence to the surface. Our sealer is non toxic, is low VOC and dries clear with no sheen. One litre covers 5-7 square metres.

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