What makes the EVO waterproofing systems different to traditional sealers?

Evo products are different from traditional sealers due to their environmentally safe polyester-polymer technology. EVO waterproofing products establish a permanent internal membrane below the surface able to withstand up to 60psi in a negative waterproofing situation.

Most other water based products are either silicones or derivatives such as silanes or siloxanes. These products are surface sealants and therefore subject to wearing/weathering and generally cannot be coated or painted after treatment. Sealants that contain silicates or siliconates tend to migrate out of the concrete or masonry substrate.

Other sealers may contain hydrocarbons. These products are solvent based surface sealers that are both toxic and contain high levels of VOC (volatile organic compounds).

Evo products are non flammable, non toxic and are extremely low in VOC's.

Unlike the surface sealants mentioned above, the EVO systems will not wear or weather away over time, instead it becomes part of the structure and actually increases its strength, by up to 60%, therefore protecting it from future spalling (flaking or powdering of the masonry surface).

EVO products will provide a good chemical bond to any quality acrylic paint, urethane or epoxy coatings. EVO waterproofing systems will also assist in protecting surface coatings, such as paints, by encapsulating the alkali inherent in concrete and preventing it from de-laminating surface coatings.

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